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Birth can be a difficult experience for any baby. At birth, the bones of the cranium are not fully formed; during the birth process they become severely compressed by the force of uterine contractions. This is a natural process and is how we as humans have evolved to give birth.
Issues (eg. colic, ear infections, digestives issues, amongst others) arise when this cranial compression does not manage to correct itself. The bones remain set in dysfunctional patterns and this can lead to far reaching physical, emotional and psychological effects.
Alongside the cranial compression there can also be imprints of shock in the nervous system and stress patterns in the soft tissues of the body, even after the easiest of births.


Using very gentle touch to release these patterns of restrictions, treatment is non-invasive and can be done without removing clothes or nappies. Areas where we typically find stress are in the head, neck and throughout the spine. Many parents relate that Craniosacral Therapy not only helps to foster a more relaxed baby, but from that also deepens the parent-baby bond.

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