Supporting Health in Pregnancy & Beyond


Parents often bring babies for Craniosacral treatment to help with

  • colic
  • sleeping trouble
  • digestive problems
  • latching issues
  • ear infections
  • many other things besides these

Many of the issues that babies suffer with can arise from the trauma of the birth process – even if, by all other accounts, the birth was relatively straightforward.

By resolving these issues early on, before they become more rigidly set into the baby’s system, the child’s healthy growth and future development can be enhanced, paving the way for greater wellbeing throughout childhood and later life.


Craniosacral Therapy has the potential to help with

  • behavioural issues
  • insomnia
  • learning difficulties
  • recurrent pain/infection
  • autism
  • and many other things besides these

As with babies, many issues in young children may arise as a result of unresolved birth patterns. Other factors might be accidents, post-operative trauma (including dental operations) and stress amongst others. These can lead to a wide range of effects which could benefit from Craniosacral Therapy.


The birth of a child is an hugely important moment for the whole family. The birth process itself is often traumatic for a mother as well as the child, both physically and emotionally. This can sometimes lead to

  • stress
  • persistent pain
  • exhaustion
  • post-natal depression
  • feelings of anxiety & confusion
  • a variety of other things besides these

Many women and their partners appreciate skilful and sympathetic help and support at the early stages and as their children grow older. Parenting a child can be a challenging time. Craniosacral therapy has been a valuable resource and support for parents and their children over many years.

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