My aim is to help make a lasting positive change in how you feel and how you inhabit your body.

I take a thorough and holistic approach to helping you express health and connect with the inherent vitality that is naturally present in your body. Injuries, pains and discomforts go together with this inherent vitality being obscured, and thus by working to reconnect with health so the discomforts are relieved.

Whatever your reason for visiting, I will meet you with your needs and help serve you in your process. I strive to work with my clients, the two of us in collaboration; in this way you gain the most you can from your sessions and become empowered to unlock the health potential of your own body.

To these ends, work in session can be in a number of different ways, which can be used alone or blended together to best help you with your particular concern.


Craniosacral Therapy offers the possibility of creating a deep state of relaxation by interacting with the unconscious nervous system and focussing on invoking stillness in the body; as such it can be a great help for addressing underlying emotional stresses. It  can be felt as if almost falling asleep and the state of relaxation achieved is similar to that as in meditation. People often experience other personal variations of peace and stillness as well.

Many great minds have utilised this kind of stillness to aid creative thinking and problem solving. It may also be  useful tool if you are looking to begin meditating and are finding it difficult to sufficiently quieten the mind.



‘Structure’ refers to the profound internal arrangement and alignment of our bodies; by effecting changes on this deep level of structure we can enhance levels of physical freedom, mobility and bodily comfort. We always work to reconnect with the structural pattern of health, which is upright, balanced and relaxed.

By addressing the connective tissue (fascia) of the body (fascial release) old patterns of movement and habit are free to change and your body is allowed to soften and release in a way not possible from addressing the musculature alone.