bernard porter of equipoise therapy massage bristolI have been involved with alternative healthcare for the vast majority of my life and in that time I have come to realise how much pain and debilitation is suffered unnecessarily and how much of that pain could readily be avoided with the right knowledge and approach.

Practising yoga and working with clients has given me the opportunity to witness the profound physical and personal transformation that is possible. I would like to see us move towards a future where simple and accurate information is available to all, empowering individuals to live full of vitality, out of pain and with improved confidence in their bodies.

My style is deeply holistic, developed through continuous study, practice and skill sharing. I have trained with the London School of Sports Massage and the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy amongst others, and have been working in an ongoing manner with a mentor in Bristol for many years. I am dedicated to developing my therapeutic practice to the highest possible standards. My special interests lie in education for prevention of trauma and degeneration; life without these we can also call life in a state of health.

I am passionate about the benefits that can be brought about by truly inhabiting our bodies – physical, energetic, psychological and emotional. It is a great reward and satisfaction to work with others and assist them in their own journeys of embodiment, away from pain and towards balance, understanding and fulfilling their potential.

My work in general reflects a lifelong inquiry into what it means to be truly healthy and to be a human being. This in combination with a history of sporting competition and other experience affords me insight I am able to utilise as part of your treatment.

Life – the life process – is characterised at the most fundamental level by movement and when our movement is limited this can impact our vitality on many levels. In whichever way we work, I endeavour to help you restore the potential for movement and thus for vitality as well.

By reconnecting with the body’s underlying patterns of health, changes can be experienced on other levels of our person as well as the physical.

Whether you are looking for help with a specific symptom/condition or are considering treatment as part of a more general well-being regime, the leading principle remains the same: by helping you to express health, vitality is increased and symptoms take care of themselves.